What To Do and See in Gangnam District

Gangnam Style

If Paris has Champs Elysees and Singapore has Orchard Road and then South Korea has Gangnam. Are you so into Korean Drama? Surely you have heard that Gangnam is like the coolest place you should visit if you were in Seoul even Gangnam Style which went viral globally added more reason why Gangnam is a must place to visit . However, surely you have been wondering, what’s so special about Gangnam? And how this district could gain its famous name or how it could become the most exclusive neighborhood in Seoul?

What’s So Special about Gangnam District of Seoul?

If you’re asking Korean’s old money, there’s nothing special about Gangnam but nouveau riche. However, if there’s nothing special about Gangnam why this district has the most expensive real estate in South Korea? Well, Gangnam is probably lack of royal palaces unlike in northern Seoul but it is the center of almost everything now, from fashion center, shopping center, entertainment companies and even international companies like Google and IBM were located in this district.

The name of Gangnam taken from the location of the district which is in the south of Han River since the word Gangnam has literal meaning “south of the river”. Decades ago, nothing you could see in Gangnam but rice fields but since 1988 Olympics taken place in this district, the properties around this district are significantly raised until now and Gangnam becomes one of the hip districts in Seoul.

Gangnam Olympic Park

Gangnam Olympic Park

What’s to Do and See in Gangnam?

Well, now is the time to find out what Gangnam is worth a visit and what’s to do and see in Gangnam.

Shopping for K-Pop

If you’re so into K-Pop and then Gangnam is the first place you should visit. In this area, you could find some excellent places where you could find the original merchandises of your favorite K-Pop. Furthermore, this district also where some big name of entertainment companies are taken places, consider yourself lucky, perhaps you could meet the glimpse of your favorite K-Pop stars around Gangnam.

Dance to Gangnam Style

Surely you have watched Gangnam Style by Psy and so familiar with the crazy horse riding dance moves introduced in the video. Well, do you want to be the part of the video? In Gangnam, just outside the Gangnam Station, there is a special stage with the music of Gangnam style is playing non-stop in the background, don’t be embarrassed to dance since this stage especially designed for tourists who want to dance the Gangnam style. You could even record your moves here.

Gangnam Style in Gangnam

Clubbing till You Drop

It is the best about Gangnam district, since this district is all about party. There are several options of club in Gangnam and they’re no joke at all with spacious dance floor to many options of musics though mostly the club there are playing Hip Hop and EDM.

Club in Gangnam

Club in Gangnam

Shopping All the Way

Do you ever heard about Cheongdam-dong? Well, it is the largest shopping center in Seoul and the house of several well known international brands. When it was opened in 2008, this shopping center is actually in the 7th largest shopping area in the world. Just make sure your credit card is ready in your hand and shopping all the way.

Samsung D’light

If you are so into Korean Drama, you’re probably notice that even the poorest character in the drama is using the latest Samsung smartphone, it is because Samsung  is a Korean company, in case you don’t know. In Gangnam district, you could visit Samsung D’light where you could learn about the latest Samsung technology and not only that, you could interact with those products as well.

Samsung d'light

Samsung d’light

When you have a chance to visit South Korean, you have to make sure to put Gangnam district to your itinerary, since this place is one of the places you must visit in Seoul.

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