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Stay at Space Station – Barcelo Sants Hotel

barcelo sants hotel

Stay at the space station is no longer a dream . A hotel in Spain is designed to resemble a space station , complete with atmosphere and decor was .

Do not need all the way into space , now a traveler can feel the sensation like to stay at the space station . The hotel is designed specifically as at the space station .

Entering the lobby of his hotel , a traveler will be welcomed by the atmosphere like in the space station . Floor lobby of black and decorated with colorful mosaics , until the walls are painted white , as usual everything a traveler see in science fiction movies .

Even more unique anymore , rounded chair designs like capsule up to the window with a similar form increasingly making the atmosphere more real . A number of photos and illustrations astronauts attached to the wall are also increasingly asserted his hotel concept .barcelo sants hotel

No less unique , traveler can also see a black round work table with plenty of chairs . On it can be seen a kind of circle-shaped object that serves as a lamp. The design is also stylish space.

A similar atmosphere can be encountered when a traveler entering his hotel room . White color that dominates the room , combined with wide windows facing the street and accessory style space station can be seen .barcelo sants room hotel

Toward nightfall , the lights are getting dim increasingly make the atmosphere more like a space station. In addition there is also the ‘ Orbital Bar’ which provides a variety of drinks with frills space.

If the middle traveling to Barcelona in Spain , perhaps a traveler can make the Hotel Barcelo Sants as a recommendation for a place . Cost of stay per night varies from 80 Euro to 500 Euro , depending on the choice of rooms and time of stay . Visit Barcelo Sants Hotel

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