Street Food Culinary in Guangzhou China

What do you think about Guangzhou, China? Shopping at Beijing Road District, watching theaters in Taikoo Hui or you have not tasted the special street food from there? Before come back at home, you must try to taste them while you visit there. Because the delicious that famous and make many tourist being addicted, that place is crowded enough. Don’t worry about seat, because in here, eating while walking is not being problem. A lot of tourist enjoy it and making it as funny. All of food is variant and delicious, certainly. So, don’t waste your time for find the seat only, grab tasting more and more food or you will feeling regret!


Main Menu



CONG YOU BING. This is a pancake that spread with leaf-onion and sesame seed. The tekstur are crunchy but at any portion are thick. Usually, Cong You Bing being special food from Taiwan or Tiongkok. But, in Guangzhou, you can get more different. Beside the size that more bigger, Cong You Bing from Guangzhou make taste strong with five spice powder as additional.


SHAO KAO. Guangzhou is satay area that most complete ever! Named as Shao Kao, satay from Tiongkok. At the toward to midnight, the scenery of Guangzhou full with various of satay. Not only made by meat as chicken and beef, the vegetables satay is also exist. Leek, stringbean, mushroom and eggplant serve as healthy satay. The unique Shao Kao is Cartilage Chicken Satay. The tekstur is soft, before baking satay will spread with slice of garlic, leaf-onion and oil.


TEPPANYAKI. It is also kind of satay. The main ingredient is squid, cooked with fried, not baked. Long-slice, when cooking the seller will use the cement leveller. It seems extreme. But it is hygienic, certainly. And you can’t pass to taste it. Flavor aroma that dressing the squid will make you tempted. When cooked, Teppanyaki will spread with chili powder and ready to make you addicted to that.

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FLATBREAD AND SHOU ZUA BING. Remember to visit Yide District when breakfast. There is the famous place of street food too. Many various food that suitable for breakfast. One of them is Flatbread. As the name, this is the bread which flat. But the ingredient will make you satisfied although this bread also without fill-in. Spread with sesame white or sunflower-seed for the salty flavour, and for sweet, Flatbread will spread with sugar.

The another delicious bread for breakfast is Shou Zua Bing. Fill with-in chicken, cheese and various of meat. For more delicious this bread serve with tomato sauce, chili sauce, black pepper up to mayonaise.


Don’t Forget To Taste:


Fruit Sweetener. Melon, mango, papaya, strawberry and another fruit put into pickles solution. The taste is sweet, acid, fresh, and can also spicy if you add the chili powder inside.


Egg Waffle. Before you arrive at stand that sell this waffle, you already sniff the delicious aroma. No topping outside, no fill with-in. Just sweet and vanilla flavour only. But, if you tasted you want to eat more and more. Simply delicious sweet!


Jian Bing. This food recommended for you who likes salty flavour. Fill with-in egg, crunchy wonton and lettuce, dressing with fermented bean. It is delicious if you eating with sauce or sausage and meat for additional taste.

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