Students in Finland make the bridge ice design based on Da Vinci

jembatan es bridge in ice

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the greatest artists in the world. In addition to his skills in the field of fine arts Da Vinci actually has a lot of expertise in many fields such as architecture, physics, biology, and many more. Some students from the Eindhoven University of Technology are trying to realize one belonging to the Da Vinci bridge design.

Reporting from the History, the design of the bridge to be built initially made at the request of the Turkish sultan in the year 1502. Design Da Vinci owned bridge will be built to connect the Bosporus strait and has a length of 240 meters. Unfortunately, the design of which has been made it was rejected by the sultan.

After 500 years have passed since the design of the bridge was made, some students and volunteers began trying to realize the design of a city in Finland called Juuka. It’s just different from the initial design which has a base material of the stone, this bridge will be constructed with the base material in the form of ice.

If the ice bridge will have a width of 5 meters long and 65 meters. Based on the size,structure is the longest ice bridge ever built. To make the bridge is strong and durable,will be given a mixture of fiber on ice material. In addition to helping build the structure,is also used air balloon to shore up the structure really strong.

Da Vinci's Bridge in Ice

Da Vinci’s Bridge in Ice |

The bridge is expected to be completed within seven weeks. Currently the construction of the bridge is also racing with the air temperature will be warmer when approachingspring. The bridge is expected to be completed on the 13th of next February .

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