THAILAND – Please Coming and Enjoy

Thailand has many fabulous places. Many kind of that fabulous place located at Bangkok, Thailand.

The most beautiful building in Thailand is Grand Palace, a building that use as castle in kingdom era. Although nowadays Grand Palace use as tourism place, but you must still wearing a decorous clothes when you visiting there.

The other beautiful places in Thailand is Phuket. Located at Changwai, Thailand, Phuket is a beach with white sands and of exist there are awesome.

If you already visited two fabulous places above, you still must visit Thailand for enjoy many kind of unique places and events such as below.


1. Monkey Buffet Festival


Located at San Phra Kan and Prang Sam Yot Lopburi. According it’s name, this festival full of monkeys. The monkeys will invade fruits and vegetables that provide by local society. Not only fruit and vegetable, local society also provide a lot of breads, cakes, nuts, until drinks as milk and sofdrink. The local society believed this tradition will incur a great fate.


2. Phuket Vegetarian Festival


Never watching this festival if you fear. The showing a grisly performance as walk on the knife’s stairs or take a bath using boil oil. But there is beautiful at night, because every night held firework party. Phuket Vegetarian Festival held annualy on 5 – 13 October.


3. Khan San Road


Located at city center of Thailand. Sell many things of art, clothes, souvenir, illegal DVD and more. Khan San Road be unique because many seller of false document at there. False things that they selling as diploma, FBI card, passport and press card.


4. Wat Khanon Temple


Located at Ratchaburi, Thailand. You can enjoy museum and theater. The famous show is Shadow Puppets. Big puppets dancing on the stage, the puppeteers telling a story, and the traditional music playing along theater showing, singing with beautiful voice.


5. Baantawai Benjarong


Located at Samut Songkhram, Thailand. On this places, you can see procedure of making ceramic’s handycraft dirrectly. All of handycraft made by manually. Pattern of ceramis tak from Tiongkok’s ancient pattern, look classic and beautiful. You can also find many painting of ceramics here. All of them suitable for souvenir.



6. Chatuchak Weekend Market


Chatuchak Weekend Market is a very wide market. Everythings is already exist and you can buy them with a cheap price. This market just open at weekend.


7. Bangkok Art and Culture Center


A museum that showing modern and contemporer art. Way showing many kinds of art is unique. The museum building circle as high as eleven floors. At outside of museum, many kinds of statue and installation that good for take a photo. Not only artworks which has value, but the building too.


8. Baiyoke Sky


Located at Bangkok. If you want to see scenery of Bangkok, this tower is a right place. The Bai Yoke Sky Tower had 83 floors. On top, make sure you take a photo. Beside enjoy the scenery from high, you can also can dinner at five stars restaurant.

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