The Beatles Tour in Liverpool for Fanatic Fans

The Beatles Tour - The Beatles Story

Liverpool is the birthplace of the world’s famous band best known as The Fab Four, The Beatles. So, during your time in the city, take The Beatles tour because there are several places the fans should give a visit and bring you back to the time when The Beatles were in their glorious time.

The Beatles Story

For The Beatles tour, you should start it from The Beatles Story. Located in the Albert Dock, the exhibition provides you everything about The Beatles. Inside the exhibition you also able to find the replicas that represent The Beatles’ journey from The Cavern Club where The Fab Four got their first gig up to the famous Yellow Submarine.

The Beatles Tour - The Beatles Story

The Beatles Tour – The Beatles Story

Magical Mystery Tour

After spending several hours inside The Beatles Story and getting lost among the replicas, it’s time for you to do the real tour and see the real Cavern Club on Mathew Street in a Magical Mystery Tour Bus. The starting point of the bus is on the same street with The Beatles Story, so from there you could start the tour.

The Beatles Tour - Magical Mystery Tour

The Beatles Tour – Magical Mystery Tour

Strawberry Field

The first stop from the Magical Mystery Tour Bus is Strawberry Field. Who doesn’t know this world’s famous song Strawberry Field Forever? And the location where the song were shot is now becoming one of the Liverpool’s tourist attractions. Well, it was not really a strawberry field, it was actually a Salvation Army orphanage but only up to 1970s, where the little John used to play because he grew up not far from the area. Now only the area remains while the house has been knocked down long ago.

The Beatles Tour - Strawberry Field

The Beatles Tour – Strawberry Field

Penny Lane

Penny Lane is more than just a Liverpool’s hotspot but it is the location in where you could find various landmarks mentioned in some The Beatles’ songs. This location once was also the place where both Paul and John meet to catch the bus to the city.

The Beatles Tour - Penny Lane

The Beatles Tour – Penny Lane

The Cavern Club

Once you have watched the replica in The Beatles Story, it is the time to see the real Cavern Club located in Mathew Street where The Beatles got their very first gig on February 9th, 1961 and then the next year 1962, the Beatles signed their first contract with their manager Brian Epstein in the same club.

The Beatles Tour - The Cavern Club

The Beatles Tour – The Cavern Club

The Cavern Pub

Still in Mathew Street, across the club fans could find The Cavern Pub. After exploring, perhaps spending sometimes for a glass or two beer in the pub is highly recommended and then take a selfie with John Lennon bronze statue not far from the venue. For the fans who are looking for some merchandise to take home, the pub also provides a wide options.

The Beatles Tour - The Cavern Pub

The Beatles Tour – The Cavern Pub

The Fab Four’s Childhood Homes

Today, the childhood’s houses of Lennon and McCartney could be visited and become some of the tourist attractions in Liverpool that should be put into The Beatles tour. The house was where The Beatles practiced for the band and wrote some world’s famous songs. The current condition of the houses were kept as original as they were in 50s and 60s from the rooms up to the garden were still the same.

The Beatles Tour - The Houses Childhood

The Beatles Tour – The Houses Childhood

Hard Day’s Night Hotel

The location of the hotel is not far from The Cavern Club. Why this hotel is a must visit place for The Beatles’ fans? Well, if the fans want to experience the real Beatles’ tour, this hotel is a perfect place to end it because in this hotel is the house of more than 100 pieces of rare artwork about The Beatles.

The Beatles Tour - Hard Day Night Hotel

The Beatles Tour – Hard Day Night Hotel

Well, when it comes to The Beatles tour, Liverpool is the best place to start the exploration though there are more places throughout UK that will remind the fans to one of the world’s famous band, including The Abbey Road studios.

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