The beautiful attractions on the Sikuai island Indonesia

sikuai island

New sikuai island – Indonesia is storing a wide variety of beautiful places in it . We can find a variety of exotic and beautiful places to visit , from the east end to the west end. Places like this are hunted for travelers.

The traveler would have rushed to visit a beautiful place that is new or rarely heard his name. This time , there is again a beautiful spot on the western tip of Indonesia . Precisely in the city of Padang , West Sumatra. Here there is a small island close to the mainland of Sumatra Island . His name is Sikuai Island . Maybe this name is rarely known in the ears of travelers , both domestic as well overseas .

The beauty that is offered on this island is a white sand beach which is very beautiful , plus a blue sea which still contains many beautiful fauna .

Here we will explain a little about this Sikuai island.

Sikuai island can be reached from Teluk Bungus , Padang. The dock can also be achieved through Maritime Tourism in Jalan Batang Harau , Padang . Sikuai island is only about 20 km from Padang city / island of Sumatra. It only took approximately 25 minutes to reach the coast of the city of Padang Sikuai Island speedboat . And 60 minutes if using a ship .

Sikuai island has an area of ​​approximately 44.4 hectares or 38.6 square kilometers . About 2.5 hectares of the island is used as a resort or tourist attractions. And on the other side is still a forest and untouched beaches . Parts used as a tourist resort starting from the coast of the Sikuai island  facing toward the island of Sumatra .

New Sikuai Resort is the manager Sikuai that make this island into a tourist spot . New Sikuai Resort built since 1994 and received official support from the government of the city of Padang , and opened as a tourist in 2008. Since opening as a tourist , the Sikuai island  so crowded .

new sikuai island resort
Sikuai Island Resort

What can we get when visiting the Sikuai island  ?

If we visit the Sikuai island  , we will be treated to a beautiful white sand beach. Sikuai islands surrounded by white sand beaches that cleanliness is maintained . Few trash , even clean because of the officer who picked up trash on the Sikuai beach  .

We can see the sunrise / sunset or sunrise and sunset very clearly from the beach . Moments like this much awaited tourists to see the sights and take pictures together .

In addition , the sea is still very blue , the waves are quite calm . So it is quite safe for us who want to snorkel / dive and see the sea is so beautiful. There are a lot of fish – small fish and coral reefs and other marine plants . In addition , we can swim and canoeing or speedboat at sea .

The gentle wind – always a breeze blowing , making the body do not feel the heat of the beach . In addition , the condition is very quiet away from the bustle of the city noise . Many shady palm trees , suitable for shelter , or sleeping in hammocks between two palm trees .

We can surround the whole island to explore, or by bicycle. Ranging from exploring the forest , rock climbing , and if we are interested surround all parts of the coast of this island , we only was wasting time of 2 hours.

How much it costs to visit the Sikuai island  ?

If we want to enjoy everything on the Sikuai island  then we only need to spend a little money . Rates for admission and explore the whole Sikuai island  only need to spend 250,000 already included lunch , the cost is calculated per day . If we choose this package , it is currently at 16.00 we have to leave this island , because boats and speedboats will not operate on this clock .

new sikuai island resort
New Sikuai Island Resort

If we choose package visit and stay at the resort , the resort fees starting from Rp . 750,000 you have got a lodge room and be able to visit the entire Sikuai island  .

A few explanations about the beauty of the Sikuai island  , for you are the travelers who want to visit , immediately visit one of paradise in Indonesia . I hope your holiday fun…!

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