The Beauty of Niagara Waterfall as Freezing

Niagara waterfall is one of the best destination while the tourist visit Canada, USA. Nobody that able to rejecting the beauty of Niagara waterfall. This falls is consist of three waterfall, that is Horseshoe, American and Bridal Veil Waterfall. Niagara waterfall is also famous with the rainbow that obstruct the center of waterfall.

In winter, the tourist still have to enjoy scenery Niagara waterfall although the waterfall is frozen because extreme weather. In 2015, Niagara waterfall it also frozen ever. The storm of snow make the weather at that moment reach to 25-45 degrees under the normal temperature. Be based on history, the most frozen of Niagara waterfall is happen at 1979. At that moment, 94.7% of Great Lakes, Niagara, closed with-in ice. In spite of like that, amount of the tourist is not decrease. The tourist take a photo with Niagara ‘frozen’ waterfall as background.


Moreover, at last year winter a climber from Canada, Will Gadd, climb this frozen waterfall as much as three times and that make him note down on the history. Gadd only using two hooks for climb the frozen waterfall that high of 147 feet. Two valleys of Niagara that exist be side on Niagara waterfall is indeed used to climbing tracks. But, Gadd doing more different. At least, climbing the frozen of Niagara waterfall make him get hypothermia.


For the tourist that like an exotic destination travell, Niagara frozen waterfall is one of travel bucketlist. However, the weather very extremely cold. Visit Niagara waterfall when the weather great it is not bad. The Niagara waterfall more than beautiful while not frozen, certainly. Many of installation and attraction that you must enjoy while not winter. Any beauty of Niagara waterfall are:


RAINBOW BRIDGE. From high of bridge, the rainbow will seen between the haze. Across the bridge for feeling sensation of ‘walking on the sky’. At night, the firework be present and Rainbow Bridge is the best spot to enjoy.


SKYLON TOWER. This is the landmark of Niagara waterfall. The high is 775 feet, stand with dashing on the lake at Niagara waterfall, Great Lake. At the top of tower visitors be able to watching the wonderful scenery of Niagara waterfall from veranda. Transparant evelator will increase expressly, accompany you to the veranda or if you want to eating, you can visit the restaurant that exist here, the evelator will accompany you to the restaurant.


MAID OF THE MIST. Are you ready to the adventure? In this attraction you will to escalade the board that brought you to pierce waterfall. Feeling sensation of entered directly to the haze and pierce the breakwater.


JOURNEY BEHIND THE FALLS. According with the name, this tour will bring you to explore behind the Horseshoe waterfall. Your journey it will begin with go down the valley. Listen thundering of water. Then, you go by the tunnel up to reach the behind of falls The scenery will to be awesome, very beautiful at there. Prepare your more clothes if you want visit Niagara Waterfall because you will being wet with many kind of attractions.



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