The Best 10 Travel Pictures of Bali Indonesia

The warm shiny sun, the breeze blowing tired and sound of splashing wave challenge you to go one with nature. Bali, Indonesia, has the variety of beautiful sceneries for you. Not only beach, Bali also has beautiful mountain and field amazing views indeed. Culture and tradition the wealthy nature can make you difficult to forget if you visit here. Take photographs is the best choice for memorable as this travellers do.

1. Bali is the painting of life


KUBU BEACH. By @mahakemala. Located at Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia. This is one of the private beach that own by five stars resort in Bali, Ayana Resort and Spa. The quiet beach as his own self has exotic slopes. The beach located under hills so the beach is very exclusive.

While enjoying the special food of Ayana Resort and Spa, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery Kubu Beach from the top hills.


2. Bali is the perfect place to viewing sunset


SEMINYAK BEACH. By @achmadsholeh. Located at Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. The variety of beach tour places is very complete here. Find your best hotel, resort and cafe to spend your time, so the best moment enjoying Seminyak Beach will colouring your travelling.


3. Bali is as a beautiful crystal


GILI ISLAND. By @sidihina. Little moving from Bali, at Lombok you can find the ‘holiday paradise’ at Gili Island. The white sand beach, blue sea is spread wide. Can you imagine how beautiful as the sunset comes? It can make your eyes seeing a gradiation color be perfect.

4. Bali can makes your photos be different


ANGEL’S BILLABONG BEACH. By @mahakemala. Located at Nusa Penida Island. The green hills and blue sea make the beach has unique composition. This like possibel to walk in green carpet pool.


5. Bali is the best place for refreshing


TEGALALANG RICE TERRACE. By @mahakemala. Located at Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. The fresh weather mountain, the green ricefield can make your heart be peacefull. Beside ricefield, the palm tress also thick. The birds sing very softly here.

6. Bali and his history


NUSA PENIDA ISLAND. By @balicili. History of Nusa Penida Island is very interesting, even you can find untill under the sea. Diving please! And increase your knowledge about the ancient histories.


7. Bali is identical with the culture and tradition


SESAJEN. By @achmadsholeh. Not only at about the sacral ceremony, “sesajen” also usually will be find at every corner at Bali Island. They use the respectfull greeting, as the purify instrument and the subsitution of magic formula. Their believing respect of other formed their beautiful universe.


8. Bali has unforgotable scenery


SEMINYAK BEACH. By @mahakemala. The sunset, the glittery golden water, the running sorrong horses, and the steps of legs on the white sand. This is very amazing siluet scenery.


9. Bali has exclusive scenery


KUBU BEACH. By Ayana Resort and Spa Bali. The beautiful coral shaped since thousand years ago, the clean and quiet sea and as our ownself.


10. Bali has many colourful places


CENINGAN’S BRIDGE. By Daily Hotel. Located at Nusa Penida Island. Spread on the clear and green sea as the join between Lembangan Island and Nusa Ceningan. Feel the breeze of wind as you pass this bridge.

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