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Wherever you will go, digital world will always by your side. It is actually the beauty of living in modern world even during travelling you could always in close contact with people you love at home. However, digital world and the power of internet are giving you more than just comfort but also everything you need during travelling from tips up to the latest travel hacks you should know to make your trip not only fun but also more practical. The best thing to find out is through traveler bloggers and below are some travel bloggers which Instagram account or blog are must to follow because they are not only sharing their experience but also valuable advice.

World of Wonderlust – Brooke Saward

Advice: Photos are the only way to time wrap back to a place and remind you of how it felt.

Broke Saward is an award winning travel blogger so you could expect all the best tips and travel hacks from her blog.


Love and Road – Natalie and Robson

Advice: To be open and leave all the prejudice at home.

Natalie and Rob have given up their jobs and home in order to explore this world since 2013. They have proven that there’s nothing romantic but travelling together.

Points & Travel – Dr. Cacinda Maloney

Advice: Only bring a carry-on piece of luggage and a backpack for ease of travel.

The specialty of this blog is how to find smart luxury travel, so a perfect blog for you who have been looking for solution to travel with comfort.

Polkadot Passport – Nicola Easterby

Advice: Don’t over plan or come with any expectations because the beauty of travel is in the spontaneousness of the adventure.

Nicola is an Aussi blogger who have been on the road since she was 19 and now she have been travelling to more than 30 countries.


The Department of Wandering – Rachel Bale

Advice: If you want to find the best, most authentic food, simply ask the locals where they eat.

Rache Bale is not only a travel blogger but also a lifestyle blogger so you will find a lot of tips about how to find local experience while at the same time avoiding the tourist scams.


A Backpacker’s Tale – Stephen Schreck

Advice: Even the most seasoned travelers make mistakes, but the trick is not to sweat the small stuff.

Stephen Schreck is totally a man of adventure who have been in a trip for three years and it’s still not enough, he’s also sharing all his experiences through his blog.

Headed by to Tokyo. I have one more night in this marvelous city. I have lived my short time in Japan and look forward to exploring more of this wonderful country next time.

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Travel Dave – Dave Brett

Advice: Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, always try things once, give things ago and don’t be afraid to try something that challenges you.

Dave Brett has been traveling to more than 80 countries in his 26 years old. He is the expert in budget travel savvy and has been living and living in several countries like Finland, Wales, Singapore, Switzerland and USA, so his knowledge is beyond travelling.


The Midnight Blue Elephant – Annika Ziehen

Advice: Just do it! Don’t worry too much about what-ifs and the buts, keep your expectations low so they can be exceeded and keep your mind open so it can be changed.

Annika Ziehen is a German blogger and her blog is one of the best you could read while planning your trip. Everything she wrote are honest and the personal anecdotes she added to her writing just make her blog not only readable but also lovable.

Those are the blogs you should visit for whatever advice and travel hacks you need for your next trip. Those people are the expert in travelling and they will share whatever experience they have with you.

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