The Conjuring Movie 2 , will be Starting in June 2016

the conjuring 2 movie

One of the most anticipated horror film this year is The Conjuring 2 : The Enfield Poltergeist . Films made ​​by director James Wan is scheduled to be aired in theaters starting next June 10, 2016 .

But earlier , in order to curious fans , Warner Bros. Pictures released a teaser video trailer for The Conjuring 2 , yesterday . And a gripping horror atmosphere is felt in the video lasted more than two minutes .

In a teaser was shown the figure of Janet , 13 -year -old boy , who continues to get the terror of poltergeist . The Conjuring 2 : The Enfield Poltergeist adaptation of the true story of poltergeist phenomena in Enfield , England.

This film shows the journey Lorraine and Ed Warren as a psychic to help a family that continues to be plagued demons . The Conjuring 2 : The Enfield Poltergeist starring Vera Farmiga , Patrick Wilson , Frances O’Connor , Madison Wolfe and Shannon Kook .

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