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The Cute Souvenirs for Your Dearest Person

Anywhere you go, travelling will become a memorable trip. As unforgettable remembrances usually you need to buy souvenir from your places destination. Many of people also get cute souvenir to give their deares persons. Certainly, souvenir is must unique and special but the cute souvenir is not bad. It will make the persons who received will felling about your love. Before you carrying your travel bag to get a trip, make sure you know about souvenir from your destination country. Fill up your travel bag with these cute souvenir and get one kiss from your dearest person. They will like it, certainly.



Double decker bus miniature became the famous souvenir from England. The colour which red make anyone interest in bring that thing to home. The classic of box telephone is also became a beautiful memorable if you buy the miniature as souvenir.


Or you like special thing that cute? Doll of Paddington Bear is also suitable to being your collection. Don’t worry about price. You can get them start up to 1 poundsterling. Are you interest?



Do you like the ancient things? This clock is suitable for you. This crowing clock exist since 18th century. Made by wood, every one hour the ‘mini owl’ will crowing as many as the time that showing.


The voice of crowing is classic and beautiful. Now, not only owl that in the clock. Another animals is also being a part of that clock. Each of animal has beautiful voice that showing the time. You must have it.



If usually you choice the miniature of windmill as souvenir, now you must choice the different unique souvenir as Klompen. A shoes which made by wood, that has various of colour and beautiful pattern.


You can visit souvenir shop to get it. And if you want to feeling another experience, you can see the process to make Klompen directly with going to Clog Museum at Zaandam, Netherlands. May be you can get more cheap price at there.



Travelling to Rusia, is not perfect if you not buying the most famous souvenir of there, Matryoshka. This is a unique doll! When you open Matryoshka, you will find the another Matryoshka which more little.


Matryoshka has many shape. One of them that most famous is Matryoshka that wearing a traditional dress from Rusia. Matryoshka that similar with fairy tale character is also most wanted because they are very cute!



What do you think about India? The one of the magical world, Taj Mahal? Yeah, many miniature of Taj Mahal that you can choice as souvenir. Find the different. What about the doll? Kathputli, the doll that made wood is the best choice.


Kathputli is a doll that usually use for theater in there. They have a sharp nose and beautiful eye as Indian. Kathputli now available as souvenir that you must to carry to home.




At there, you can find many kind of eggshell handicraft. The vase, bowl, and other handicraft made by eggshell that has beautiful pattern and colour. Many of them has flower pattern. But the handicraft that painting Vietnam woman with long hair and use the traditional dress of Vietnam is also very pretty to use for display at home.




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