The List of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites of Czech Republic

Czech Republic - Holasovic

Where are you coming from? How many sites in your country have been honored to be on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list? The sites that are fall to the list must have certain categories such as being naturally gorgeous, excellently taken care of by the people and having a very long history behind it. The sites could be varies from a castle, church or even a garden. Czech Republic has at least 12 sites that have been granted the status by UNESCO. So, if somehow you were in the country, take a tour to those sites will keep yourself occupy for a while.

Holasovice – A Historical Village

Well, it must be awesome if you stay in a village which granted with that UNESCO’s prestige status. However, this village have suffered the worst but survived, first was in the 16th century when a plaque epidemic attacked and left only two people alive and second was ind 20th century during the communist regime that forced the villagers to abandon their homes. Rich of history and beauty in the eye are a perfect combination of the village.

Czech Republic - Holasovic

Czech Republic – Holasovic

Kutna Hora – A Gothic Town

The Gothic town is probably the best thing you could describe once you stepped into the town because from the Gothic style of the church with a blend of renaissance’s style of architecture up to the Sedlec Ossuary which from floor to ceiling were structured from real human bones from the local cemetery.

Czech Republic - Kutna Hora

Czech Republic – Kutna Hora

Lednice-Valtice – A Place with Castles and Wines

Not only one but two castles in Lednice are probably the some of the most beautiful castles in Czech Republic. One of them is the home of Liechtenstein family in 1249 though in 1939 they were forced out. However now the castle belongs to the Czech Republic and one of the places that worth a visit. Moreover, Lednice is also best known with its winery and vineyard. Could you think a better combination of castle and wine? Probably not.

Villa Tugendhat – The Modern Villa from the Past

When it comes to a villa honored with UNESCO World Heritage Sites status, the first thing that crosses your mind probably is the villa must be ancient with antique chandelier and has tower. Well, you’re wrong this time, Villa Tugendhat is probably the first villa built with modern style by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe around 1928 – 1930. This villa once belongs to a wealthy Jewish family which during Nazi times were forced to move to Switzerland just eight years after the house was completed. This house is actually the inspiration behind The Glass Room, a book written by Simon Mawer.

Czech Republic - Villa Tugendhat

Czech Republic – Villa Tugendhat

Holy Trinity Column, Olumouc – The Magnificent Monument to God

This monument was built around 1714 – 1716 right after the plaque epidemic was ended. It is the way the European express their gratitude to the God. Holy Trinity Column is not the only one, there are a lot of monuments were built with the same reasons around Europe but undoubtedly, this is probably the most impressive one.

Czech Republic - Holy Trinity Column

Czech Republic – Holy Trinity Column

Prague’s Historical Center – The UNESCO’s Site Inside the UNESCO’s City

Just so you know, not only the Prague’s Historical Center that is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site but also the all center area of Prague. So, in other words, even if you just take lunch in one of the cozy restaurants in the city, it means you take lunch in a sacred and historical ground.

Czech Republic - Prague

Czech Republic – Prague

The list of the places in Czech Republic that on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list is more than that. More places highly recommended aside from that already mentioned above are like Kromeriz, Cezky Krumlov, Zelena Hora, and Trebic.

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