The World’s Best Islands – Bali No.2

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In Asia, Bali ranked first, ahead of Maldives and Phuket, Thailand. This achievement was achieved because Bali has a natural beauty, unique culture and hospitality of the population.

Bali received the title of second best tourist islands in the world in 2015 after the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Travel and Leisure magazine.

Award for the world’s best island of Bali was not the first. Bali into three major versions of the world’s best tourist island Travel and Leisure since 2009.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya Bali proud of this achievement. This achievement completes a similar survey conducted media or other institutions.

For example, Aug. 9, Raja Ampat ranked first and Komodo National Park in the second World’s Best Snorkeling Destination version of CNN. Galapagos is in the third rank.

“Branding Wonderful Indonesia, which had no rank, in 2015, shot 100 so rank ranking 47th, defeating Amazing Thailand ranks 83rd. It is satisfactory, beating branding Malaysia Truly Asia which only ranks 96th, “Arief said in Jakarta, Sunday (03/01/2016).

He said imaging strategies destination that encouraged the government began to show results. For 2016 and the foreseeable future, said Arief, promotion strategies and imaging continued.

Head of Bali Tourism Yuniartha Anak Agung Gede Agung said the awards so challenge the central government and local governments, including tourism actors, and the community to maintain the culture to be creative with new destinations.

“It’s the pride of Bali. However, we are aware of, still needs the preparation of the cultural agenda to promote more leverage, “he said.

Bali Island Map

Bali Island

According Yuniartha, the potential for cultural tourism in Bali has not been widely explored. Therefore, the Bali Tourism Department plans to expand and strengthen the tourist village. The program is expected to flatten tourism to not only focus on the southern part of Bali.

Dean of the Tourism Faculty of the University of Udayana Made Sadra hope the government continues to strengthen the existence of indigenous villages. The reason, traditional village plays a role in Bali tourism that still relies on natural beauty and tradition that originates in the traditional village.

cultural tourism – Chairman of the Tourism Industry Association of Indonesia Bali Ngurah Wijaya proud of the awards this Bali for the umpteenth time. He asked the government’s commitment to strengthen cultural tourism and execute regulations.

Wijaya believes there should be regulations regarding zoning. “It is important that the culture is maintained among the onslaught of modern development. If excessive, Bali tourism can be damaged, “he said.

Every year, foreign tourists who come through Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali, increased. In 2015, the number of foreign tourists about 4 million people, while the domestic tourists about 6 million people. However, the length of stay of tourists decreased in the last five years, from five days to three days.

Deputy Foreign Tourism Marketing Development of the Ministry of Tourism I Gde Pitana said that Bali will still be used as a hub of Indonesia to introduce the potential of leading attractions, such as the Raja Ampat, Yogyakarta, Morotai, and hundreds of other tourist destinations.

The survey results according to Travel Leisure, the world community (respondentRed) still believe the beauty of the island, unique culture and hospitality of its people, as the island is the best category.

Ranking World’s Best Island

1. Galápagos Islands – Equador (score: 90.82)
2. Bali – Indonesia (score: 88.98)
3. Maldives (score: 88.53)
4. Tasmania – Australia (score: 88.32)
5. Santorini – Yunani (score: 87.93)
6. Moorea – French Polynesia (score: 87.90)
7. Maui – Hawaii (score: 87.89)
8. Kauai – Hawaii (score: 87.88)
9. Great Barrier Reef – Australia (score: 87.31)
10. Malta (score: 86.90)

Rating Best Island in Asia

1. Bali – Indonesia (score: 88.98)
2. Maldives (score: 88.53)
3. Phuket – Thailand (score: 79.22).

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