These Are How You Welcoming Rooster Year in Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year - Rooster Year

All travel advisory will suggest you to avoid China in all cost during Chinese New Year because China which is already crowded will get even crowded because of all Chinese migrants workers from around the world will make some kinds of mass migration home to celebrate this special festival with friends and family. However, do you have any better place to experience the best of Chinese New Year aside from China? Bet not. That’s why keep your itinerary and budget in check to experience all the festivities that you could only get in China.

Beijing Temple Fair

Beijing is the capital city of China so for the biggest and the most extravagant festival could be found in this city and you could start experiencing the festival rightly from the heart of Beijing Temple Fair. You must expect the festival will be the religious one but you will be surprised because in the fair you will find the combination of odd puppet shows and acrobats at the same place. So, it is more to festival than religious fair.

Spectacular Dragon Dance

The best thing about Chinese New Year festival is the spectacular dragon dance. You will be in awe because the jaw-dropped dance is much more like kungfu but conducted by several people who need to work together in gracious way so the dragon’s movement is not only graceful but also looks alive. This traditional has been started since the Tang Dynasty and not only found in China but around the world that are also celebrating New Year Festival.

Chinese New Year - Dragon Dance

Chinese New Year – Dragon Dance

All You Can Eat

Yup, festival is nothing without food and Chinese New Year is nothing without great table with great food choices. So, consider yourself lucky because during this time you could find all kinds of delicious Chinese traditional cuisines served in one table. Well, for more lucks, making sure you are wearing reds and clean yourself throughout the day before because cleaning up during New Year is only washing away all the good lucks. That’s what they believe but if you are okay with it, just considered yourself lucky.

Chinese New Year - Rice Dumpling

Chinese New Year – Rice Dumpling

Fireworks All the Time

Chinese believe that the red flashes and the bang sound will scare the Nian. It is a beast that usually emerging during New Year. That’s why when it comes to Chinese New Year there is always fireworks to enjoy and not only like any fireworks but the biggest, the brightest and probably the longest one.

Chinese New Year Fireworks

Chinese New Year Fireworks

Lantern Festival

Besides fireworks, the other iconic festival during Chinese New Year in China is lantern festival. During the festivals you will see the colorful of lantern festival in various shapes will be found all around the cities and totally good to be captured from behind your camera’s lenses. To make this festival even better, don’t forget to try the dumpling made of ball of rice that symbolize the happiness and family togetherness.

Chinese New Year - Lantern Festival

Chinese New Year – Lantern Festival

Did you born in rooster year? Rooster years are 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993 and 2005. If yes, perhaps it is going to be your lucky year. Those who were born in rooster years considered to be an attention seeker but also very observant and hard working. Well, Justin Timberlake also born in rooster year and he was totally attention seeker when he still in Nsync and now everyone is seeking his attention. So, it is not so bad. So, happy Chinese New Year and spread the love with Ji’nian jixiang or good luck for the rooster year.

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