Things to Do While You in Bucharest

If you have a chance to visit Europe, will you ever consider to visit Romania? Yes, Romania, not Rome. Romania which capital city is Bucharest and definitely not Budapest. Perhaps the popularity of Bucharest  is easily beaten by its neighbor Budapest. Moreover, when people are talking about Romania, instead of Bucharest, Transylvania is the first thing that pop in their head and then followed by the vampire legends. Well, before you directly hop to the plane to reach Transylvania why don’t you spare some times to explore Bucharest?

Palace of Parliament

Asides from the humble Bucharest, the biggest Parliamentary Building could be found in this city. The current tour you get to the parliament just could cover the tiny part of the building because the three million plus square feet building has more than  a thousand rooms with architectural design that will make you gawk is impossible to be explored only in one day but still this building is supposed to be on your top of the list.

Bucharest Parliament Building

Bucharest Parliament Building

The Little Paris in Old City

The unfortunate tragic earthquake in 1977 might bring most part of the old city down but the ruins that remain as well as the assimilation of new and modern architecture with additional nouveu art is the reminiscent of Paris, that’s why the nickname that stick since before The World War II as Little Paris is perfectly suiting even up to the present days.

Little Paris in Old City Bucharest

House of the Contemporary Art Scene

If art is your things and then Romania has some galleries that are totally worth visit from Zorzini Gallery, The Galateca Gallery, The H’art Gallery and Anaid along with National Museum of Art. Most of Romania art is in contemporary art area with a bit of with and dark humor blending into one surrealist art material.

Garden of Eden

The recent trend in Bucharest during summer and clear bright day is having lunch or just grabbing some drinks in cafes or restaurants but no one will sit indoor. That’s why there are a lot of options of cafes and restaurants which are adapting the new concept by combining the cozy cafe with the gardens around. It is not difficult to find outdoor cafes in Bucharest, what you need to do is just finding one that suits best to you.

Outdoor Cafes Bucharest

Exploring the City for Hidden Churches

Not just any churches but historic churches. In many countries, when it comes to church and then at least there will be one church or cathedral that will become the landmark but not in Bucharest. Instead of big cathedral, it is better for you to visit some hidden historic churches that are spreading all over the city. They are usually small but full of story, even the mosaic in the floor will tell you a fascinating story from the past.

Bucharest Russian Church

Bucharest Russian Church

Experience Romanian Culinary

Speaking of things to do in certain places and then exploring the city for their iconic culinary is a must. So, what you should taste to experience the real Romanian culinary? Well, you should try Sarmale, it is cabbage rolls stuffed, usually stuffed with spiced minced meat and then don’t miss Mamaliga which is another name of cornmeal porridge.

Bucharest Cuisine Sarmale

Bucharest Cuisine Sarmale

Get to Know More about Vlad the Impaler

You must be familiar with the fact that Count Dracula is always associated to Transylvania, one of the region in Romania. The real fact is the character of Dracula inspired from Vlad Tepes, who is also well known as Vlad the Impaler, a bloodthirsty prince who has a big role in making Bucharest an important city in 15th century. Visit Lake Snagov to pay your respect.

Snagov Monastry Bucharest

Snagov Monastry Bucharest

Do you got the vibe from your adventure in this historic city? Well, after giving your respect to the real Count Dracula perhaps it is the time for you to continue exploring the countries and Transylvania is definitely in your list.

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