Things You (Probably) Don’t Know about Maldives

When tropical countries people prefer to experience winter for their holiday, people who have been living in four seasons countries prefer to choose holiday destination with so much sun for them to soak. Maldives is one that is highly recommended, the combination of blue ocean, clear bright sky, white crystal sands and palm tress just a perfect example of a perfect holiday. Well, as long as you know that even Maldives is not that perfect and below are some things that may crush your perfect holiday plan.

  1. One Resort One Island

Sounds good right? If you choose one resort and you may think “Awesome, I’ll have my own island”. Well, it’s probably awesome but to reach it you may suffer a headache and a little bit back pain first. There are only two types of transportation to reach your resort from Male, seaplane or boat. If you’re tight in budget, seaplane will cause you a severe headache because it will successfully double your budget and if you choose boat, be prepare of some back pain and seasick. One more thing, there is no schedule for both seaplane and boat, so if you want to leave Maldives and don’t want to miss your international flight, leave your resort a day early and stay a night in Male to wait your flight.

Maldives Drawbacks - No Schedule Seaplane

Maldives Drawbacks – No Schedule Seaplane

  1. Not All Days Are Sunny Days

Speaking of Maldives the first thing that crosses your mind is wearing your bathing suit and soaking yourself under the sand in the remote island under the blue bright sky, all day long. One thing to remember, normally tropical countries are not always about sunny days but there are also cloudy days, rainy days and even stormy days. The weather there sometimes is really unpredictable, making sure you have alternative activities.

Maldives Drawbacks - Unpredictable Weather Rainy Days in Maldives

Maldives Drawbacks – Unpredictable Weather

  1. Remote Islands

The idea of spending your holiday in the middle of nowhere, in the private island in remote location sounds really great. However, you should know that remote islands means remote from everything. If you are staying in a resort, do the checklist whether the resort could provide your needs or not because even to get a can of coke could be really difficult and expensive.

Maldives Drawbacks - Remote Island

Maldives Drawbacks – Remote Island

  1. Staying in A ‘So Not’ Private Hut

One of the best thing about places like Maldives is you have a choice to stay in a hut or over-water villa with ocean as the back yard. Well, sounds amazing if only you book all the villas, because the villa sometimes is not as private as it’s advertised and not as exclusive as you think either. The location which is mostly located far away from the main resort could be annoying because unlike in hotel, you cannot just call the hotel staff to help you, here you are totally on your own.

Maldives Drawbacks - Over Water Villa

Maldives Drawbacks – Over Water Villa

  1. Different Water

It is true that the ocean water in Maldives is different with what you have back home and so does the drinking water. The drinking water in Maldives is processed water, though it is still drinkable but there is no natural minerals left for your body to absorb. So, after a few days, you will feel a bit sluggish because your body is starting to suffer from dehydration. Making sure the resort you stay is able to provide you mineral water is the number one priority.

Maldives Drawbacks - No Mineral Water

Maldives Drawbacks – No Mineral Water

Not everything that sounds perfect, perfect. Maldives is one of the examples that even one of the most exotic holiday destination has its drawbacks. Be a flexible traveler is the only solution but at least you have known what you may and may not face before you pack your things and fly to Maldives.

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