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Tips Preparing vacation to Abroad

tips Preparing vacation to Abroad

Year-end holidays more fun if you make traveling overseas. Moreover be traveler with a travel adventure backpacker list or follow your heart is not a problem.

But should still have enough planning, mature and strong readiness. Do not let the dream trip so messy because there was no planning at all. Here are some things that need to be prepared before traveling abroad.

Gather information

Gather as much information about the country that will be addressed. Keep up with the news. It is not may have to get the vaccine or subjected to other regulations before entering the country of destination. Also can join an online community for country or city destination. For the ex-pat community is also there, you know. Usually they will share useful tips for the traveler who recently visited once. Checks also aviation policy that will be used. Do not let the trip so messed up because you’re uninformed.

Learn how to communicate

Should indeed mastered the English language in order to communicate with local residents or workers who could help in the destination country later. Although not very fluent, at least have to master the basics of communication. If the country you are visiting is not too familiar with the English language, must learn the basic language used there.

Prepare a visa and passport

This is an important thing that needs to be prepared ahead of time. If you already hold a passport, recheck the validity period. Find out also about the visa and passport regulations that apply in your destination country. Not all countries apply the same rules, you know. Prepare also copies of important documents that need to be taken. It is important to keep watch in case things are not desirable.

Inform the bank

Would need to withdraw funds in the country visited later. If planning a withdrawal and in large amounts, you should contact the bank in question in advance. Because the bank may freeze your account if encountered transactions in large quantities overseas. Transactions such as this must arouse suspicion.


Carry goods during the trip and the destination is clearly important. Prepare items that really need it. No need to buy goods that you can buy at your destination at an affordable price. The point is not to make the journey complicated with too much luggage. Bring moderation.

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