Tourism Potential in Madura is very nice, but not in the list of special economic zones


Suramadu Bridge (Surabaya-Madura) which was inaugurated on June 10th 2009 until now, has not been able to give effect to the advancement Madura investment. Now the Agency for Regional Development of the Surabaya-Madura (BPWS) to change the strategy in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, to bring in the tourism sector at the same time attract investors.

“Investments in tourism could be a door beginning to open up in the prominence of other investments, such as property, industry and others. Given the potential of tourism in the Madura very nice, let alone been there the longest bridge frequented by tourists. I agree attracted investors should start from the construction around the bridge, “said Heng Manurung, Sub Investment Tourism Ministry of Tourism during a business meeting in Jakarta, Friday (18-12-2015).

Heng also revealed today the development of tourism in Indonesia amid intensified. There are 10 priority tourist areas to be developed and eight special economic zones (SEZ). Unfortunately, Madura not included as one of them.

So far, more Heng, Madura only known as a salt-producing areas and the arid region. In fact, if traced further, Madura store tourism potential is not inferior to other regions in Indonesia. “So do not close the opportunity for Madura region to develop tourism potential,” he said.

Madura tourism potential among other things, historical tours because there palace in Sumenep, island with clean white sand and unspoiled, cultural tours, culinary tours and special interest spread in Madura.

“Therefore, the Ministry of Tourism offers several investors from Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), Panorama Group, Investor golf course also of SEZ¬†Tanjung Lesung to be interested in investing in the area around the bridge longest side,” he explained.

Deputy Regional Planning Agency Penhgembangan Surabaya Madura (BPWS) Agus Wahyudi added to prepare a tourism development in the region around Suramadu already prepared land has strategic value.

To the side of the leg around bridge in Surabaya was prepared 600 hectares, but the mayor of Surabaya Risma mind because the population density around the side of the bridge that is difficult relocated. “So to Surabaya only provided 250 hectares,” he said.

While on the bridge in the region prepared Bangkalan land of 600 hectares, 250 hectares located on the coast of Madura still be around Suramadu. And to develop the infrastructure, industry, tourism also property, said Agus, the value of investment is needed around Rp220 trillion.

Touched fear of investors to invest in Madura because permission is complicated, land prices are also increasingly suffocating? “Investors fear that as a result of past trauma. Previously he compounded his permission also take care of a lot of charges and fees unofficial project. But has now changed, because people Bangkalan need economic progress. We will help if take care of licensing for the sake of progress Bangkalan own, “Agus ejection.

A businessman from Madura to come to a business meeting recognizes six years after the operation Suramadu, investment in Bangkalan, Madura, is still very quiet. Even many construction projects stalled because permission is complicated, also have to pay high fees, many unofficial levies.

“This condition occurs when Bankalan held Regent Fuad Amin Imron, who is now detained KPK. His successor son Fuad Amin who is also still apply similar. So many entrepreneurs who complain, “said Madura businessman who asked that his identity not to be

Not only among officials, he continued, people also often weighed on investors. Exemplified, if investors want to invest in a village, the characters ask for money if you want the project smoothly. “So if this condition is not corrected, Yasin believes there will be no investors who want to invest their money in Bangkalan. Employers that want to venture in peace, there must be a guarantee of security and facilitates licensing, “he said.

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