Tourist Attractions are Privileged in Mexico

Tourist Attractions are Privileged in Mexico

Mexico has many special places, some of the places that are very interesting and impressive.

The first is that their name is Tulum wall. Several years ago, the city was called Zama and the meaning of this name is the sunrise. Now, right now the city is crumbling and when we walk in this city can be in the city of pre-Hispanic world. Furthermore, we could see the animals special iguana here.

Tourist Attractions are Privileged in Mexico

Tulum, Mexico

If you want to swim in an unfamiliar place, you should choose without doubt a great nature called cenote in Mexico. We can explain this place like depression geologically crystallized with cold water. This place is a typical type of original Mayan. The most popular natural wells is Caracol, Dos Ojos, Nohoch, Gran Cenote and Chak Mool.

Tourist Attractions are Privileged in Mexico

Chak Mool

Other important sites are located in the Mexican city of Chichén Itzá is, as you can imagine this is really the world wonders. Pyramid or this castle is one of the most spectacular buildings associated with the Maya culture and just because you have good idea to visit Mexico. Furthermore, many legends associated with this building. The most famous legend is a legend about the sun, and the extra mundane human existence.

If you want to know this beautiful island, you are good to choose Isla Mujeres. The island is located 13 kilometers from the city of Cancun. The island is associated with the Mayan god of the moon and the love that is referred to as Ixchel. Furthermore, when the first people to arrive at this place, we will find some textures like women.

Tourist Attractions are Privileged in Mexico

Isla Mujeres

Because of this, the island is called Isla Mujeres. In this place, we can find lots of dolphins and turtles.

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