Traditional Flamenco Dance from Spain

flamenco dance from spain

Traveling to Spain, it’s time watching traditional dancing Flamenco. In Barcelona, ​​Tablao Flamenco Cordobes presents a sensual dance. Guaranteed you will be made chills by swaying dancers are hot.

Tablao Cordobes, La Rambla Street became one of the places visited. Tablao Cordobes itself is a restaurant, the only one that presents traditional dances Flamenco.

Flamenco itself developed since the 18th century in Spain. The restaurant itself was built by the family art named Patronato La Alhambra since 1970.

Flamenco dance in general comes from Andalusia, but in Catalonia itself has a long tradition of serving Bailaores or dancers dance. Some well-known like Carmen Amaya, Joan Magrina, Belen Maya, Eva La Yerbabuena, Israel Galván, and Rafel de Carmen.

Catalonia itself has produced figures Flamenco dancer and singer well known in Spain, such as Farruco, Camaron, Manuela Carrasco, Miguel Poveda, and Jesus Carmona.flamenco dance with guitar acoustic

Back to the restaurant’s most famous Tablao Cordobes. In addition to presenting dance Flamenco, also serving food typical of Andalusia Spain. Examples such as Ham Huelva on Iberia, Seafood Paella from Valencia, Nebraska Beef, milk and chocolate drinks from Cordoba, as well as drinks wine or Cava from Catalonia.

Before watching Flamenco, you will be tested the patience to enter Tablao Cordobes in the area of ​​Las Rambla Street No. 35. You need a little patience, because each visitor will have to enter a long queue first.

Here there are two options for visitors, which is different fare or ticket. Visitors can only watch Flamenco dance with drinks costing € 42.50 ticket, or a package to watch dances and cuisine dish complete dinner for € 78.

Whichever package you choose, do not let your eyes blink at the sight of the dancers dance a sensual Flamenco. Generally, the flamenco dancer is a latin woman with a charming face and curves like a violin Spanish. It is conceivable dong like what?

The dancers looked elegant in a long dress with festive colors. Amazingly, when the guitar began digenjreng, the women danced so lively and wild, no different than the current bull festival in Pamplona.flamenco dance pretty dress

Their feet to the rhythm guitar agile. Unwittingly, all spectators have been fascinated with the rocking very sensual. Although just sitting watching, but it seems the body is also made to sweat just by watching them actionable. Whew!

Cordobes Tablao Flamenco dance itself present in four sessions, between 15.00-16.00, 17:00 to 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and 21.00- 22:00 local time.

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