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The introduction of the online travel distance calculator has changed things in favor of journey planning. Before the introduction of this online facility, people relied only on map support to learn distances and appreciate fuel consume for instance. Nowadays, there are plenty of web pages that offer a travel distance calculator option, but the most well known and comprehensive include Google Maps and MapQuest. There is one common element with such sites: the basic travel distance calculator that requires you to introduce the point of origin and that of destination, and it gives you the results in miles and kilometers. But there is more to it than the simple distance indication!

Google offers all sorts of useful links and menu options beside the travel distance calculator, thus, one can learn the gas consume or go to hotel reservation pages in case one needs to make a stop on the way. There is also a certain variety of travel distance calculator formats; thus, some are designed to indicate the distances only for a specific country, while others cover extra features to determine distances between cities abroad. A relevant example is Map Crow, that is a web tool used to calculate distances between cities outside of the United States: from Paris to Rome for instance, but you can also learn the distance between less specific points, like countries.

The undeniable advantage of a travel distance calculator is that it provides results in a matter of seconds, enhancing work efficiency and making the access to information a lot easier. There are people who by the nature of their job need the travel distance calculator, therefore, they find it a most helpful tool in a variety of applications. Thus, transport and logistic companies that operate goods transport all around the world use the travel distance calculator to determine the specific and non-specific gas consume, as well as to approximate other variables.

Drivers benefit most from the use of the travel distance calculator and they also rely on the tool extensively. For distances between countries or for itineraries that involve flying, the travel distance calculator remains an optional informative tool that has a reduced level of applicability. You will surely not need a travel distance calculator for flying from Phoenix to Washington. Yet, more advanced technologies for the travel distance calculator indicate distances in air miles for instance, but such devices are used by professional air lines as part of their integrated software.

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