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Australian food

Formely, before Europe colonization 18th century the people of Australia continent survive to get their food by hunting. Fish and seafood catched by spear, hook, and trapnet. Fresh fruit, roots, honey and kangaroo become mainfood. The technique of cooking still very simple, only by smoke or grill on fire.

Then the beginner of Australia culinary resurgence started in 1788-1990, James Cook and the England settlement landing at Sydney, Australia. Started by the difficult adapt by main food and the surrounding situation that time, James Cook started cultived wheat for powdering process for bread, salted meat, tea and sugar cane, and the food culture has to be aquantained. Fruit and vegetables to be exist everywhere, sheep and cows are to be livestocked.

Intervision between Asia and Europe became next influence. The China Immigrant who transit on the 18th century give the botanical knowledge and cooking. Boil, steam, and saute the Asia special variety technique has to be known. Sweet and sour pork, chicken and almond stir fry and beef with black bean sauce become the top of china resto have appeared everywhere.

Then Italy Immigrant who settledown open cafe and resto along the cuty serve spaghetty bolognese, and drinks become favorite gelato and espresso.

In 1960 the French cafes appear have done by European who haven’t worked in commercial kitchen or by Australian’s itself. The top serving that time is quiche lorraine, duck a l’orange and crema caramel.

The refugees from Vietnam entered by acquinted the exotic food in cheap price. And in short time, the new comer from Thailand bring the exotic spices. The Thailand resto develop very fast as French and Italian resto. Thewestern formula mixed gradually with Asia flavour.

The modern Australian food appear by the end of 1980, now the special Australian food mixed influenced almost over the world.


1. Vegemite



Smear bread from made beer has brown color. The texture rather hard with salty flavour and rather bitter.

2. Meat Pie

Meat Pie.

Meat Pie.

The popular snack shaped like topping pie filled with beef, mushroom, vegetables and spices.

3. Pavlova


Ingredient dessert with meringue, sweet & spicy and fresh. Suit served in summer in Australia or New Zealand.

4. Lamington


The special Australian sponge cake shaped little square with soft greated coconut topping sweet and spicy. Suit eat with warm tea.

5. Damper



Australian soda bread mad from wheat powder, baked on the embers. Tasted like unsweetened bread with smoke aroma. Dipped into chutney or fresh fruty jam before eat.


Pellegrini’s Coffee

The oldest coffee shop in Melbourne who brought the coffee machine from Italy in 1952. The formula from the best coffee seed as espresso, latte, until cappucino and moccachino come in it.

Cumulus Inc.

The combine resto, cafe and bar are the conceipt which support at this place. Chef Andrew McConnell’s brought the European flavour in it. Since opened in 2008. Moonlight en Surface (fresh oyster poured lemon water) and Whole Slow Roast Lamb Shoulder to Share (roasted calf sheep and barbecue sauce) are the two signature dish here.

Chin Chin

One of the resto which adapt the Thailand and Vietnam recipes. Deserve tasting are Dry Red Curry of Shoft Shell Crab with Thai Basil and Kaffir Lime Leaf or Pad Ka Phrao/ Stir Fry of Minced Free Range Chicken and Eggplant with Basil.

Mama Baba

The newest resto owned by MasterChef Australia, George Colambaris. The food influenced from his parents Siprus (Yunani) and Sisilia (Italy). The results are pasta with fresh seafood. The lounge collects cocktail Yunani Flavour touch.

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