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Travelling With Kids – Tips for Enjoyable and Fun Trips

Travelling with Kids - Family Activities

Travelling with family is supposed to be something that you should plan carefully. It is because when it comes with kids, you have to make sure that the travelling is more than just sightseeing but also having some educational values for your kids. In other words, during travelling you are not going to show your kids how beautiful this world is but also how this world is so full of wonders that they should discover them with you now or later by their own. However, traveling with kids is not an easy task below is the list of tips parents should know before deciding to take their kids to discover this world.

Get Child Locator and Brand Them

It is a lot of hell to keep your kids to stay calm and quite. No, it’s not possible, it is in their nature to always wandering, walking, exploring, jumping and rolling and the list will be endless. It will be difficult to navigate them if you are in a busy airport. Invest your money to child locator, it is a small unit that your kids could wear and if somehow you cannot spot where they are, just set off the alarm and follow the sound. Brand them with your name and your phone number is also important.

Travelling with Kids -Child Locator

Travelling with Kids -Child Locator

Apps, Games and Family Activities

Thanks to the technology where you don’t need to pack a lot of toys during travelling. You just need to make sure that the tablet is fully charged so your kids could spend most of the boring time in the plane playing some cool apps and games. However, don’t only depending on the apps or games since kids get boring so fast. You need to prepare some family activities too in case there are some delays.

Travelling with Kids - Keep Them Occupy

Travelling with Kids – Keep Them Occupy

Public Transport

Some parents prefer to hire private car during traveling, the reason is much more practical. Well, it is not quite right because public transport will fascinate your kids more than private car, so why don’t you try to use it and lets them met more people and explore more? Though of course, you need to be extra careful when using public transport by bringing your kids in a strange city that’s why child locator is something useful in this matter.

Travelling with Kids - Use Public Transport

Travelling with Kids – Use Public Transport

Hand Sanitizer or Antibacterial Wipes and Medicines

Hand sanitizers or antibacterial wipes are two important things you should bring along with medicines. Especially when you’re travelling internationally where health care cost could be very expensive. At least you could do the first aid anytime required.

Avoid Sugar Rush

Packing some snacks is important if you are travelling with kids. It is highly recommended for you to bring special bag packed with snacks during travelling so you don’t need to pay more money for some expensive snacks in the airport or in the plane. However, don’t put too much sweet because you don’t want to arrive in the destination, all tired and jet lag but your kids are in the middle of sugar rush. It is important to pack healthy snacks only like cheese cubes, fruits and breadstick.

Travelling with Kids - Avoid Sugar Rush

Travelling with Kids – Avoid Sugar Rush

Give Them Camera

You must be surprised how interesting the results are from their eyes. Don’t give them the expensive one, just one camera that child-friendly. Camera will encourage them to explore more, to see more, to capture more, to learn more. Their knee-high view could be interesting and fascinating at the same time. Besides, it could them occupy whenever there’s a delay.

Travelling with Kids - Give Them Camera

Travelling with Kids – Give Them Camera

So, travelling with kids are not always annoying, though it is going to be challenging but in a positive way as long as you know the tricks to make the trip enjoyable and fun.

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