Tsingly, the Stone Forest of Madagascar

The rocks are soared, standing 91 metres from soil surface. Mangroves grew with thrive and many kind of animal population as Lemur, reptile and bird are exist at this national park stone forest. The stone forest formed by nature, located at Madagascar, Africa. Name of Tsingly de Bemahara is meaning ‘there are nobody can walking’. This is a vastly forest that is 666 kilometres2. A lot of stone forest on the world, but Tsingly de Behamara is more wide and tall than another stone forest. Many of traveller already visit this place. If you want go there, please carefully with the point of rocks which very sharp. Remember to enjoy your trip. All the way to Tsingly de Behamara at Melaky, Madagascar, many places that you can enjoy with travel guide.

Among them is Morondava, the white sand beach that has village of fisherman. At there, you be able to tasting the best and bigest seafood as lobster and shrimp while enjoy the sunset.

Allee des Baobabs area.

Allee des Baobabs area.

Moreover, Allee des Baobabs area also interest in visit. Baobab trees are one of Adansonia species. In this area you can find a lot of Baobabs that shape like a pick bottle that grow reach 5 – 30 metres with diametres is 7 – 11 metres. A story legend of Baobabs amoureux exist here. Baobabs amoureux is formed by a hope from couple of forbidden love.

Arrive at Tsingly. Travel guide will bring you to go along the river. The colour water of river is dark-yellow because at deep full with land sediment formed by result of forest erosion. From small boad you can see rock caves and beneath part of Le Petit Tsingly, a part of two national parks. From here you also find the small village of Vazima ethnic.

If you want, travel guide can bring you to look around the rock caves. But you not allow to enter rock cave too far.

Tourist crossing the suspension bridge in Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

Tourist crossing the suspension bridge in Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

Let’s reach the top of Tsingly! You must pass the forest, enter the bend labyrinth and across the bridge which outstretched between two ravine of stone before. Scenery of the sharp rocks are not ordinary, there are wonderful! Blue of sky, forest of the stone that harmonized with green endemic plant are make you feeling great. Long trip pay for this awesome scenery.




1. All of price many various and high difference. You can bargain to get cheapest price.

2. It is better for you bring:

– Food and drink enough because at there the price are expensive and difficult to get.

– Wet tissue because the toilet difficult to find and if exist, the clean is not keep.

– Emergency lamp with battery energy because the electric is limit there.

– Medicine and emergency aid. Anti-mosquito lotion and thick clothes because air is strifflingly hot.

– Location map or GPS.

– Malagasy dictionary or French dictionary because although the society are friendly, but not many that can speak in English.3. Think over you will get travelling alone or with friends. Make sure your travel guide allow if you want to bring the children because it is the dangerous travel.

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