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Virgin Atlantic champ Provider Health Food in the Air

Virgin Atlantic champ Provider Health Food in the Air

No one was feeling better after eating a meal on the plane, “said Anthony Bourdain is a renowned culinary expert, in an interview with Bon Appetit.

“In my opinion, people eat on the plane because of boredom. I did not eat while flying. I better come hungry. “If it goes up long-haul flights, at best, Anthony ordered the cheese and processed foods.

According to a study reported by Travel and Leisure, is hardly a healthy snack provided by the airline anywhere. Whereas for certain travelers, perhaps just a salad selection of the best food in order to maintain the waist circumference is not increased width.

But not so, according to Dr. Charles Platkin, as director of the New York Center for Food Policy at Hunter College who for eight consecutive years conducting research nutrition on the food provided by the airline.

As stated on its website, Platkin calls Airlines Virgin America airline worth mentioning provider of healthy foods in all categories, except for snacks.

Virgin Atlantic champ Provider Health Food in the Air

Virgin Atlantic Food

For those who want a nutritious and healthy food during the fly with Virgin America, Platkin recommends, among other things Soba Noodles Ginger Chicken, Tuna Provencal Vegan Sandwich or Wrap with vegetables and humus.

While in the second position is occupied airline Air Canada and Delta are also included in the category of “best” of the past year in terms of Provision of healthy food on the plane. Both airlines are captured four stars overall.

Platkin also rebuked the airline Spirit and Frontier were rated poorly in providing healthy food. Without hesitation, he gave them the value of a star and put it in the category ’embarrassing.’

Travelers who are interested in the calculation of calories is right for the value of food at each airline can view the website Platkin titled Diet Detective.

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