Where to Go for Romantic Picnic Retreats in Rome?

Picnic in Rome - Parco degli Acquedotti

Rome is one of the world’s favorite romantic destinations. The reasons are not only how the myth and modern world are collided beautifully but also because Rome is so full of historical places and architectures related to beautiful stories that survive throughout the history. If you visit Rome, each corner will tell you different and fascinating story you could pass to your children and grandchildren. Well, Valentine’s Day probably has passed but the atmosphere is still in the air that even you could smell it. If somehow you and your loved one were in Rome but got stuck with all the pink balloon and red roses all over the city, perhaps a little retreat sounds like a great idea. Below is some recommendations of romantic picnic retreats in Rome you could take with your loved one:

Villa Borghese

To reach this location you could take a little walk, holding hands with your loved one after exploring the Piazza del Popolo. Bring some of fresh breads and delicious fruits to take with you and enjoy the entire peaceful green haven complete with beautiful lake, boat and duck. Yup, there are also duck you could feed.

Picnic in Rome - Villa Borghese

Picnic in Rome – Villa Borghese

Villa Doria Pamphill

It is probably the largest park in Rome but it is also a peaceful retreat after seeing the busy of Rome. This villa was built back in 17th century belongs to the Pamphill family but the beauty is stunningly beautiful especially compared to all the modernity surrounding the villa. The best part of this villa is where you could explore the mini maze surrounds the villa; you would never known perhaps Alice’s rabbit is just hiding behind one of the bushes.

Picnic in Rome - Villa Doria Pamphili

Picnic in Rome – Villa Doria Pamphili

Giardino degli Aranci

The combination of beautiful garden and the perfect view of Circus Maximus and the Palatine Hills make this Orange Garden one of the recommended retreats for a romantic picnic. It is better to visit this garden during spring because you will be entertained with the beauty of rose garden in Roseto Comunale.

Picnic in Rome - Giardino degli Arancil

Picnic in Rome – Giardino degli Arancil


Gianicolo is the best place for a romantic picnic retreat in Rome because of its location which is located in The Janiculum hill. This hill is the second highest hill in Rome, so you could imagine how the beauty of this city is spreading in front of you while enjoying your lunch in one of the picnic benches available in the summit with your loved one.

Picnic in Rome - View from the Gianicolo

Picnic in Rome – View from the Gianicolo

Parco degli Acquedotti

Roma is all about roman and its myth. For the best experience of enjoying Rome why don’t you take a metro and stop in Giulio Agricola where you could have a picnic with your loved one in Parco degli Acquedotti. Why this place is so special, so you should visit this place though the location is in out of town? Perhaps, it is one of the places you could have a picnic while the historical roman landscapes are surrounding you.

Picnic in Rome - Parco degli Acquedotti

Picnic in Rome – Parco degli Acquedotti

Villa Ada

Do you want to feel and live like a royal? Well, perhaps it is kind of difficult but you could enjoy a picnic like a royal in Villa Ada. Back in 19th century it is the official royal residence of the House of Savoy. In the land that is surrounding the villa you could enjoy some outdoor activities like horse riding, biking or canoeing. Just choose which one is you and your loved one like the most.

Picnic in Rome - Villa Ada

Picnic in Rome – Villa Ada

So, when it comes to Rome, this city is not limited to all the touristy destinations which is crowded and always packed with tourists in all seasons. If you are coming with your loved one and looking for a romantic picnic retreats in Rome, those five places are the best recommendations we offer.

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