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Worst Hotel in 2015 is the Luxury Hotel of Robert de Niro

Worst Hotel in 2015 is the Luxury Hotel of Robert de Niro

Robert de Niro, his name was already legendary in Hollywood circles. Actor, director and producer from the United States who has won two Academy Awards, even the man born August 17th, 1943 is known as the founder of the Tribeca Film Festival. Unfortunately fame de Niro on the big screens seem not as if it is associated with the assessment of the quality of hotel services.

Luxury Travel Intelligence (LTI) proving their judgment can not be intervened by anything, including a character of the caliber of Robert de Niro. LTI, as reported by Voice of America website pinned predicate worst new luxury hotel to the Nobu Hotel Manila which is actually owned by de Niro.

In a review of LTI, Nobu Hotel Manila dibukan in May 2015, topped the list of the six worst luxury hotel in 2015. Nobu Hotel Manila is the result of collaboration between de Niro with Matshuhisa Nobu restaurant entrepreneur and movie producer Meir Teper.

Hotel located in the entertainment capital of the Philippines complex was opened premiered in May 2015. The hotel contains 321 rooms are equipped with a spa, pool, and fitness center. Its deluxe room rate priced at 164 US dollars to 400 US dollars, the landscape appears to Manila.

LTI announced the best new luxury hotels in 2015:

1. Mandarin Oriental – Marrakech
2. Sant Francesc, Palma Mallorca
3. Safe, Tokyo
4. Villa Rene Lalique, Alsace
5. Reverie Saigon, Ho Chi Minh
6. Temple House, Chengdu
7. Sujan Rajmahal Palace, Jaipur
8. La Fiermontina, Puglia
9. Six Senses, Douro Valley
10. Gansevoort, Dominican Republic

Worst new luxury hotel in 2015

1. Nobu, Manilla
2. Shangri-La Le Touessrok, Mauritius
3. St. Regis, Mumbai
4. Zaya Nurai, Abu Dhabi
5. Miami Beach
6. The Lanesborough, London

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